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Thesis Binding at Lane Library


Technical Services Department | Thesis Binding Information

The thesis must be prepared using the Armstrong State University School of Graduate Studies Graduate Thesis Guidelines. – NOTE: links offsite

After the graduate student has received the official approval of the thesis, the student should submit the following to David Messier in the Technical Services department (912-344-3004) at Lane Library:

  • four required copies of the thesis
  • any additional desired personal copies
  • completed and signed thesis information form (PDF)

The four required copies (two for Lane Library, one each for the student’s academic unit and chair) will be bound at no charge to the student. Additional personal copies desired will be bound at a base charge of $20.00* each, plus additional charges for extra thickness, accents in the title or author’s name, and front-cover printing, payable by cash or check (made out to Armstrong State University). All pricing information is subject to change. The final cost will reflect the bindery’s pricing at the time of the order. This is the only time that personal copies will be available for binding. Deliver all copies to be bound and payment for personal copies to David Messier at Lane Library.

Students will be notified to pick up any personal copies of their thesis or to make arrangements for them to be mailed. The student’s academic department and the Technical Services department at Lane Library must have an accurate address and telephone number where the student may be reached. (Revised November 14, 2015)

*Price subject to change. The library charges for thesis binding on a cost-recovery basis.

Last updated: 6/6/2018