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Course Reserves

Information for Faculty

Armstrong & Liberty Campus
Statesboro Campus
Lane Library
Zach S. Henderson Library
PO Box 8074

Henderson and Lane Library Reserves Department Policy

General Information

  • Materials placed on Reserve are processed 8:00 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Different points during semester, such as beginning, mid-term, and finals, it can take up to four working days to process your reserves.  Under normal circumstances it takes only 1-2 days.
  • Once the item is available you will receive an email confirming it is on reserve. *Items will not display in the catalog until 7:00 am the next morning.
  • Materials on Reserve in the Library may be checked out during regular library hours. Materials available through Electronic Reserve (EReserves) are available at any time online.
  • You may place your personal copy of a book/ article/ DVD on course reserve. Please allow time for processing these items. While we always try to be particularly careful with personal copies, we cannot guarantee that they will not be damaged or become lost while checked out by library patrons.

What types of materials may be placed on Reserve?

  • Any book in the Georgia Southern Libraries collection.
  • Any privately owned book.
  • Photocopies of articles and chapters from books may be placed on Reserve, subject to Board of Regents copyright policies.
  • In addition to library resources, instructors are also welcome to place items such as class notes and syllabi, sample tests, homework solutions, etc. on Reserve. In addition, DVDs/Video Recordings, CD-ROMs and other media items may be placed on Reserve. Students’ papers and projects, must have permission from the student via the Electronic Reserves Student Authorization Form, see below.
  • Materials to be placed on Reserve should be brought to the Checkout/Reserve Desk. When placing materials for processing, instructors should submit a Reserve Materials Form.

Electronic Reserves (E-Reserves):

  • Instructors know the details of the work and its intended use. The instructor must evaluate whether permissions and/or a license are needed and that the work is being used under copyright fair use.  Instructors must fill out Fair Use Checklist – They must KEEP A COPY.
  • Instructors must provide a citation for the work. It will not be posted without attribution.
  • Photocopies of materials to be placed on E-Reserve can be delivered to the checkout desk either in- person, by campus mail or email. Please include the completed reserve form by submitting online or complete at the desk.
  • All copies to be scanned must include a complete citation and the copyright statement from the original item.
  • The library will password restrict access to the courses with electronic items.  Log-in will be the course number, and the password will change each semester for each Course with electronic items attached to reading list.  Instructors will need to provide a password on the “Reserves Material Form” for each course with electronic items each semester.
  • In many cases copyright Issues can be avoided by using materials available to Georgia Southern through licensing arrangements. EReserve can include links to full text articles available through GALILEO or similar resources. Please contact a reference librarian for assistance.

Add materials to Course Reserves using the Reserve Materials Form.

Last updated: 8/3/2021