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Zach’s Sustainable Seeds

We have a new seed library!

A few things to know:
•  Zach’s Sustainable Seeds provides, in general, seeds which are considered “heirloom” (that is old and somewhat rare.)
• Our seed selection is designed to make sure we are not in competition with commercial seed sellers.

How to “borrow” seeds:
• We give seeds out – for free! Pick them up at the Checkout Desk on the 2nd floor. Typically, you will get one packet of seeds with planting instructions.
• In return, we ask if you have a successful crop, you let a few plants go to seed and collect and “return” some seeds to us.

Come willing to be surprised! This list will change as often as patrons “borrow” or “return” seeds and will not be an up to the minute update. (Isn’t that fun!?) For those of you who just can’t wait to know more, here is a an idea of what we may have:


As of May 18, 2016 we have the following seeds available:

Hungarian Blue Poppy
De Cicco broccoli
Seven Top turnip greens
Purple Top White Globe turnips
Georgia Green collard greens
Strawberry watermelon
Rutgers tomato
Tropic VHN tomato
Georgia Southern Garden watermelon


Last updated: 11/23/2015