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Zach’s Sustainable Seeds

Zach's Sustainable SeedsWe have a seed library!

A few things to know:
•  Zach’s Sustainable Seeds provides, in general, seeds which are considered “heirloom” (that is old and somewhat rare.)
• Our seed selection is designed to make sure we are not in competition with commercial seed sellers.

How to “borrow” seeds:
• We give seeds out – for free! Pick them up at the Checkout Desk on the 2nd floor. Typically, you will get one packet of seeds with planting instructions.
• In return, we ask if you have a successful crop, you let a few plants go to seed and collect and “return” some seeds to us.

Come willing to be surprised! We have a variety of seeds available and what we have will change as often as patrons “borrow” or “return” seeds. (Isn’t that fun!?)


Last updated: 10/16/2018