Henderson Library offers its popular research and computer workshop series throughout the year. Workshops are available by appointment for all current university students, staff and faculty.

To register, send an email to: specifying the name of the workshop and your preferred times/dates. Workshops are also listed online at the University Training site.

Workshops 2014-15

Research Methods & Resources

Accounting Databases (1 hour) Participants will learn how to use Accounting Research Manager, Intelliconnect, and RIA Checkpoint.

Campus Research / WestLaw (1 hour) Participants will learn how to do legal research.

Citing Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism (1 hour) Explores the meaning and scope of academic Integrity and includes strategies for avoiding plagiarism. This workshop is intended primarily for groups of students, rather than individual instruction.

Federal Statistical Resources  (1 hour) This workshop introduces selected federal agency statistical resources on the Web (e.g., the 2000 Census).

Find Better Information, Get Better Grades (1 hour) Learn how to find reliable and useful information for your projects.

Government Information Resources (1 hour) This workshop introduces federal government Web resources (e.g, various databases and web sites) and search strategies.

Graduate Assistant Research Forum (1 hour) Learn search techniques to assist faculty with professional and classroom research.  Be sure to tell us your subject area to ensure the right subject specialist is assigned.

Introduction to Business Information Resources (1 hour) Learn to search for business and economics articles, as well as company information.  

Introduction to EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) (1 hour) Learn how to use this Google-like super search engine.

Introduction to GALILEO Databases (1 hour) This workshop introduces you to resources available through GALILEO databases, including how to access full-text articles.

Introduction to ICPSR (1 hour) Learn how to find and access academic data.

Introduction to Journal Citation Reports (JCR) (1 hour) Learn why the JCR is a helpful tool for determining the highest ranked journals for submission of articles, that once published, will be useful for career advancement in your discipline. Presently covers 2008/2009.

Introduction to Lexis/Nexis-Academic (1 hour) Workshop introduces Lexis/Nexis – databases covering news, business, legal, medical, business, and reference sources.

Introduction to Psychology Resources (1 hour) Get familiar with databases dedicated to the field of psychology, as well as inter-disciplinary databases covering psychology.

Introduction to RefWorks & EndNote (1 hour) Learn how to import references from databases and web pages, create and manage references lists, make and export bibliographies, share references, and compare to other CSMs.

Research Project Clinic (1 hour) Feeling overwhelmed? Work with your subject librarian to identify search terms, databases and other library and Internet resources.

The Web: Can it be Trusted (1 hour) Learn what resources can be trusted and avoid the garbage.

Thesis/Dissertation Formatting Guidelines (1 hour) Learn how to use the ETD website.

Web of Science (1 hour) Learn about  access to Science Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, and Arts and Humanities Citation Index.

Computer Applications

Introduction to Access I (2013 Edition) (2 hours) Using the powerful relational database management system MS Access, participants will learn to create a database with tables, data types, primary keys and a simple query.

Introduction to Access II (2013  Edition) (2 hours) Learn additional skills (e.g., how to handle the rule of normalization, multiple table relationships, and advanced queries) to modify your Access database.

Introduction to Access III (2013  Edition) (2 hours) Learn to use the toolbox to design and modify a database with multiple designing objects (e.g, fonts, colors, alignment, spacing, drag and drop).

Introduction to Access IV (2013  Edition) (2 hours) Learn to use the toolbox to design and modify a report in a database (e.g, using fonts, colors, alignment, spacing, drag and drop).

Introduction to Excel 2013 (2 hours) Learn to create, edit, format, save, and print spreadsheets, and also learn to create basic mathematical formulas

Introduction to PowerPoint (2013 Edition) (2 hours) Learn how to create powerful presentations.  

Introduction to SAS (2 hours) Learn how to define variables, and input, analyze, and interpret data.

Introduction to Word 2013 (2 hours) Learn to create, edit, format, save, and print documents.

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