Module 4 – Interlibrary Loan (Illiad) , GIL-Express and Document Delivery

Topic: How do I request items needed through ILL and GIL Express? What is Document Delivery for Distance Learners?

Learning Outcome: Students will choose the most appropriate service for obtaining library materials not available in the Henderson Library and determine if they are eligible for Document Delivery for Distance Learners.


It is important that you know how to request research materials through Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad), GIL-Express, and Document Delivery for Distance Learners.

This module will:

  • Explain the purpose of the library services Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad), GIL-Express, and Document Delivery for Distance Learners.
  • Explain how to use Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad), GIL-Express, and Document Delivery for Distance Learners.
  • Provide contact information for assistance any of the above services.

Task List

This task list is a checklist of activities the students need to do. The list concisely and explicitly names the documents and tools that support the teaching and learning activities in each module.

Please complete the following tasks in this module:

  • Read M4 Lecture
  • Complete M4— How do I request items needed through ILL, GIL-Express, and Document Delivery for Distance Learners-Quiz      (can shorten title of quiz, if needed)
  • Provide feedback on your learning experience using the Module Feedback link
  • Proceed to the next learning module




What are Interlibrary Loan (Illiad, GIL-Express, and Document Delivery for Distance Learners?

Georgia Southern University students may take advantage of two resource sharing services which obtain library materials not available at the Zach Henderson Library. In addition, the library offers a service to ensure those who qualify as Distance Learners can obtain library materials, including items owned by the Henderson Library, easily through the mail or electronically, when feasible. Interlibrary Loan (via ILLiad), GIL –Express, and Document Delivery for Distance Learners are free of charge.

Interlibrary Loan is an international agreement and service between all types of libraries, whereby a library can borrow an item or get a scanned copy from a journal that it doesn’t own. ILLiad is the electronic system you use to request an item through InterLibrary Loan. The name ILLiad can be thought of as an acronym for Interlibrary Loan internet access database. The term “Interlibrary Loan” is often abbreviated and referred to as “ILL.”

GIL Express is an initiative whereby circulating books may be ordered directly from any University System of Georgia Library. The subject matter is not limited to research interests; hobby and pleasure reading are perfectly acceptable. In most cases materials are sent to and checked out from the patron’s home library, but patrons may ask that their items be sent to any University System library for pickup. All faculty, staff, and students in good standing are eligible to use the service.

Textbooks may not be borrowed through GIL Express or Interlibrary Loan.










The table below highlights the differences in the two services.


  ILLiad (ILL) GIL-Express
What types of items can be ordered? For ordering articles, books, DVD, dissertations, etc from libraries worldwide For ordering circulating books from the 35 USG libraries only
 Items requested for what purpose?  Items needed for academic research.  Books for pleasure reading or academic research.
How to Use it? Complete one-time set up of ILLiad account, log in, place request. Locate books on the GIL Universal Catalog (, follow steps to make request. Must have a library account PIN to use GIL-Express.
What to do with the items borrowed? Articles—Yours to keep. Save any PDFs to your hard drive. Books or other returnable items must be returned by the due date to the Henderson Library Books must be returned or renewed by the due date. You may return them to the Henderson Library or to any USG library near you.


How do I use these services?

Once you have determined you need to request an item the library does not own and have selected the appropriate service to use (ILL or GIL-Express). Here are the steps to follow for each service.

Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad)

New Georgia Southern users must create an ILLiad account.  Once you have an account, use ILLIad to:

  • submit new requests
  • track status of requests
  • view electronically received articles
  • submit requests for renewals

Enter a separate request for each item that you wish to borrow or article you want photocopied. (Only 1 article per ILLiad request. Multiple volumes of a title to be borrowed can be entered as 1 request.) Each request will be a unique transaction sent out electronically to owning libraries by our ILL department. The key word here is “request” – we don’t always find a library willing to loan the dissertation, video, or book that you want.

Use the appropriate template for what you are requesting – there is one for photocopies of articles or chapters and another for loans to use for books, videos, music scores, and microfilm newspapers. There are also templates for dissertations and conference proceedings. In each template, the required fields are marked with a red. It is the user’s responsibility to include a complete citation so the correct material can be obtained.


Instructions for using GIL Express

1) Access all the information about GIL Express at including a map of USG libraries, FAQ’s and a link to the Universal Catalog of Georgia – Search for books – only circulating books may be ordered through GIL Express. Hint: Search may take a while. If it does not work, try another browser.

2) Click on the desired title to see a display of the item record and check its Status to determine if it is checked out, lost, or otherwise unavailable for loan. If it’s available at one or more libraries, click on GIL Express Request.

3) Select your Home Institution from the drop-down menu, enter your Georgia Southern Eagle ID and PIN, enter your last name, and click on Access My GIL Account.

4) At the next screen, click on OK to choose GIL Express Request .

5) At the next screen, enter your Eagle ID in the requested field, choose a Pick-Up Library, and click on Submit Request.

6) You should see the message Your GIL Express Request Was Successful. The notification that the request was successful means that the request itself went through successfully, but does not guarantee the item will be sent. In most cases the book will be supplied, but on rare occasions it will not. To be sure the request was accepted, you may wish to click on My Account and review the information displayed.

7) Occasionally a request will fail. If the item is available at the patron’s home library the request will fail; if the item is checked out, missing, etc, or otherwise not available for checkout; if the item is a reference book, archival item, or otherwise is not supposed to circulate; or if the borrower is blocked because he or she has overdue books, the request will fail.
GIL Express Tips for Success

GIL Express allows a generous 28 day checkout plus two renewals.   However, you must renew or return them before the due date or your account will be blocked.   In establishing the circulation policies, the University System decided not to charge fines.  But in order to deter abuse, all members agreed that there would be no overriding overdues by the local library.

Check your account or call the Checkout Desk at 912-478-5647 to see if your book has arrived.

Be aware that if a Henderson Library book is checked out, you may request that title through GIL Express.  It is perfectly acceptable to ask that the Henderson Library book be recalled and place a GIL Express request at the same time.

What is Document Delivery for Distance Learners and am I eligible for it?

Distance Learners are currently enrolled Georgia Southern students who live more than 30 miles from Statesboro and don’t come to Statesboro for any classes this semester. They are eligible for ILL service and Document Delivery service via their ILLiad accounts. Scanned copies of articles or chapters are delivered electronically, whether owned by us or another library. Any books owned by our library are charged out to them and mailed to their homes with a postage-paid return label. Any books borrowed from another library are also mailed to their homes with the return label. The mailed items need to be returned to our library packaged securely and by the due date.

If you are a Georgia Southern Graduate Student away from Statesboro during the summer, you will also qualify for Document Delivery until you are back in the Statesboro area.

Keep your ILLiad contact information up-to-date!  We don’t want to mail books to the wrong address.

Who do I contact for assistance with ILL/GIL-Express/Document Delivery?


The Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery office is staffed 8-5:30 Monday through Friday, 912-478-5405. E-mail is At other times, Information Services librarians can help you register or make ILLiad requests – ask them at the Learning Commons Info Desk or call 912-478-5645.

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