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Library Liaisons

Library Liaisons: Your Very Own Librarian

The faculty of the University Libraries serve as Library Liaisons for various entities within Georgia Southern University. Our goals include the following: to facilitate consistent, ongoing, two-way communication between the Libraries and Georgia Southern students, staff, and faculty; to gather input from Georgia Southern entities which will be vital in continually refining the Libraries’ provision of access to information, collections, and services; and to ensure that everyone within these areas is aware that they have their very own dedicated librarian as a resource.

Subject Specialist Librarians: Your Human Search Engines

Subject Specialists Librarians provide integrated services focusing upon specific subject areas. We work closely with students, staff, and faculty in the appropriate colleges/departments, in delivering reference and research assistance, information literacy instruction, and library collection development, as integrated services for our subject specialties. Our specialties are based upon a combination of our backgrounds (academic degrees and/or subject-specific library service experience) and our research interests. We offer research and computing workshops each semester for classes and individuals and create guides to library and computer use. We also serve at the Help Desks, participate in online reference and teach Information Literacy sessions in general and subject-specific courses.

Want to know more? Use “Ask a Librarian” and we’ll get you in touch with your Library Liaison.

Last updated: 10/19/2018