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Our 2014 Supporters

The Friends of Henderson Library are especially grateful to our 2014 supporters.  Learn more about the benefits of Friends’ membership.

Mr. Ralph M. Andrews, Sr.
Dr. Pranoti Asher
Dr. Jane Perkins Brown
Ms. Ann H. Hamilton
Ms. Dola D. Handley
Dr. Vladan Jovanovic
Dr. Betty Lane
Dr. and Mrs. Bede Mitchell
Dr. Del E. Presley
Mr. Norman Ravitch
Dr. Patrick Wheaton
Mrs. Laura Wheaton
The Estate of Vera Ireland

Dr. Martha T. Cain
Dr. Rosemarie Stallworth-Clark
Mrs. Debra Skinner
Ms. Mary L. Walshak

Mrs. Anna Beecher
Mr. Benjamin G. Boykin
Mr. Joan Ellen Broome
Dr. Constance R. Campbell
Ms. Pam Childs
Ms. Yolanda Copeland
Dr. Robert Fernekes
Dr. Richard M. Flynn
Dr. Walter Fraser, Jr.
Dr. Patricia I. Gillis
Mr. James O. Harrison, Jr.
Mr. David Lowder
Mrs. Bridget Milliken
Dr. Patrick J. Novotny
Mrs. Jocleyn Poole
Mrs. Molly Sisson
Mr. Fred Smith
Mrs. Meralyn Smith
Dr. Teresa E. Thompson
Ms. Ruth Whitworth
Ms. Alva Wilbanks
Dr. Lynn Wolfe
Dr. Rebecca Ziegler

Miss Sandra Bennett
Mrs. Traci H. Best
Dr. Adrienne Cohen
Dr. Francisco Cubas Suazo
Dr. Lois Duke-Whitaker
Mrs. Dora DuPont
Mrs. Deborah Emley
Ms. Cynthia Frost
Dr. Sonya Gaither
Mrs. Lori Gwinett
Dr. Ming Fang He
Mrs. Winifred W. Johnston
Dr. Stephanie Jones
Dr. John Karrh
Mrs. Kendria Lee
Mr. Lili Li
Ms. Judy Lutz
Ms. Tasula M. Murray
Mrs. Lisa Smith
Dr. Lawrence Stalcup
Dr. Steve Stepanek
Mrs. Donna S. Sanders
Ms. Sudie Rae Tarver
Ms. Virginia A. Thomas
Ms. Dyana Van Tassell
Dr. Nancy Wall
Dr. Cheng Zhang

Dr. Brooks Keel
Dr. Jean Bartels
Ms. Roxie Remley
Dr. Michael Braz

Dr. and Mrs. Kemp Mabry
Dr. Frank Saunders, Jr.
Dr. Kent D. Murray

Last updated: 12/16/2014