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Ordering New Materials


Technical Services Dept. (912-344-3004)

Requests for book purchases are channeled through one person from each department (check with your department head), and submitted to Doug Frazier, University Librarian. Faculty members may also submit requests to purchase materials on this form. (NOTE: FORM IS IN GOOGLE DOCS) Requests for audiovisual materials (such as DVDs) and electronic media (such as CD-ROMs) are made by each department and submitted to Doug Frazier; preview may be required before purchasing any audiovisual item over $200. Requestors can specify priority level for ordering and purchasing individual items. Those with low priority will be set aside until higher priority titles are ordered.

Lane Library provides access to several databases that provide book reviews and bibliographical information:

Requests for new periodical subscriptions require authorization from your department head. Requests may be sent to Doug Frazier, for consideration at any time during the year.

Last updated: 4/25/2018