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Constitution Week 2020

Women have been voting for 100 years! But gaining suffrage was not quick or easy. The 19th amendment was a major victory for women, after almost 100 years of struggling to obtain the right to vote. 

Join us in celebrating how far we’ve come as we look back on a century of women voting.

On September 17th, Georgia Southern University Libraries celebrated Constitution Day with Dr. Felicity Turner and Dr. Lois Duke-Whitaker, who spoke on the long struggle for women’s voting rights that culminated in the 19th Amendment, the progress we’ve made as a result, and some of the residual struggles today.

The 19th amendment was also a major victory for our country. Using the ratification process, we changed our Constitution to reflect the will of the American people. This ‘living document’ has been modified to continue to serve our needs as our culture continues to change.

We celebrated our ability to amend our Constitution with a poster competition.

Three students won a total of $300 as we kicked off Constitution Week on Thursday. Each student explored the amendment and relevant court cases of their choice that shifted our fight for rights. They presented this fight in posters and argued for its impact on America in a brief  presentation. All participants will receive a pocket Constitution for handy access to perhaps America’s most important government document. If you would like a pocket Constitution of the United States to celebrate Constitution Week, email Rachel Carter at

Celebrate Constitution Week by viewing the winning posters.

This Libguide also contains links to: our film databases and other resources on the Constitution and women’s suffrage; other schools around Georgia are celebrating Constitution Day; and our archived Constitution Day events. If you are writing papers or doing presentations on these topics, be sure to check out the libguide at the link above! And if you have any questions or suggestions for additions to our guide, email Lori Gwinett at

Celebrate September: Constitution Day Celebration

Be sure to enter the contest by September 15, 4pm. Winners get up to $300 in prize money!

Before 1920, any woman who voted broke the law. But we changed the law and the country.

On September 17th, Georgia Southern University Libraries will celebrate Constitution Day. Constitution Day gives us a chance to stop and think about who we have been, as a country, and how we’ve changed. Join us as we remember the struggles that lead to new amendments.

In this virtual event, we’ll hear from two speakers and announce the winners of our poster competition. This year’s theme is the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. Dr. Felicity Turner and Dr. Lois Duke-Whitaker will speak on the long struggle for women’s voting rights that culminated in the 19th Amendment.

We’ll also hear who won the poster competition, so be sure to enter by September 15, 4pm. Winners get up to $300 in prize money!

Posters are still being accepted. For more information, see

Our Constitution Day Celebration will be available via Zoom from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. on September 17th, 2020. For more information, see

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