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Savannah Mayors

(Note that these all link out to PDF files)

Subject Author Date Volume
Anderson, Edward Clifford, Sr. Desai, Hatel D. F 1991 21
Arnold, Richard Dennis, M.D. Barker, Linda Lee W 1983 11
Burroughs, Henry Kollock Bearden, Tracy Diane W 1983 11
Charlton, Robert Milledge Daly, Charles W 1983 11
Cuyler, William H. Moyer, Gail S 1984 15
Daniell, William C. Guerry, Tom F 1988 16
Davant, Richard J. Bonard, Patrick S 1984 12
Gamble, Thomas Bazemore, Russell F 1988 16
Glen, John McClarnand, Elaine F 1984 12
Holcombe, Thomas Dawes, Susan S 1975 2
Jackson, Joseph W. Puyear, Scott F 1987 16
McDonnough, John J. Eagor, Dorea W 1984 12
Mendenhall, Thomas Vickery, Craig F 1985 13
Morrison, James Walker, Andy F 1985 12
Noel, John Young McCullough, David N., Jr. F 1992 22
Purse, Thomas, Sr.
End notes also available.
DeBolt, Margaret Sp 1986 14
Screven, John Whitely, Ben W 1983 11
Stuart, Murray McGregor Hendrix, Margaret S 1984 14
Ward, John Elliott Elkins, Christopher Sp 1992 21
Wheaton, John F. Simmons, Charles Jerry Sp 1990 18
Williamson, John Postell Carter, Lori F 1988 16

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