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Services for Students

The University Libraries are spread across three major buildings on two campuses. We also maintain a comprehensive online service for students.

Services for all students

The Henderson Library is the primary informal learning space on the Georgia Southern campus. In addition to traditional print research sources, the Library provides currently enrolled students access to an extensive collection of electronic resources.

Resources and services include:

Quiet Study Floors

All of the fourth floor is a quiet area. The third floor is divided into a quiet half and a talking permitted half. The west side on the Carroll Building side is the quiet zone, and the east side nearest the Union is a talking permitted area.

Presentation Practice Rooms (located on the 1st floor, Room 1202A & B)

The Learning Commons’ Presentation Rooms are intended for the rehearsal of presentations as opposed to individual or group study. Please read the Usage Policy.

Interactive Touchscreen Table (located on the 2nd floor in the Learning Commons)

The Learning Commons’ Interactive Touchscreen Table is intended for collaboration, group work and/or the rehearsal of presentations for a minimum of two users.  For more information or to reserve the table, go here. If you have questions about the use of this table, please contact the Learning Commons Information Desk at 912-478-5645 or by email at:

Group Study Rooms

In the first half of each semester, Group Study Rooms are available on a first come, first served basis on the first and third floors. Groups of two or more have priority over individuals, Georgia Southern students have priority over all other Library users, and we ask that people use a room for a maximum of four hours at a time.

After midterms only groups may use the rooms after 5:00pm Sunday through Thursday. 

All problems should be reported to the Checkout Desk on the second floor or to (912) 478-5647.

Students with Children – Family Space
Family Space

For students with children and community families – on weekends, please make use of our designated Family Space – 2nd floor East near restrooms with over 30 computers (including 2 Macs) interspersed with comfortable furniture. You can keep your little ones close by and happy while you do your work.

Additional Services for Graduate Students

Longer checkout – Graduate students are allowed to check out books for an entire semester.

Four study rooms on the fourth floor and two on the third floor are reserved for graduate students only. To reserve the Graduate Study Rooms go to the Checkout Desk on the second floor or call (912) 478-5647.
After reserving a room, graduate students should ask for a key at the Checkout Desk. Keys will be checked out for four hours at a time.

If you are a Georgia Southern Graduate Student away from Statesboro during the summer, you will also qualify for Document Delivery until you are back in the Statesboro area.
Keep your ILLiad contact information up-to-date! We don’t want to mail books to the wrong address.

You don’t have to be in the Henderson Library to get help with doing research. A guide for Getting Started is available. This includes our Library Research Modules tutorials. Our Subject Guides provide links to selected resources by major or topic.
Need more help? We also have email or online chat with “Ask a Librarian.” GIL Express is a service where any student can borrow books from any USG library and have them sent to any USG library at no cost. If you’re living closer to some other USG school than you are to Georgia Southern, you can have books sent there. More about GIL Express here. Since most of the electronic databases and journals that we subscribe to must be restricted to Georgia Southern University students, faculty and staff, users from off campus must be authenticated before using those resources. We have an off-campus users guide to help you in accessing our resources from off-campus.


Additional Services for Distance Learning Students

Distance Learners are currently enrolled Georgia Southern students who:

  1. live more than 30 miles from Statesboro and
  2. don’t come to Statesboro for any classes this semester.

In addition to the the regular library services, you are eligible for ILL service and Document Delivery service via your ILLiad account. Photocopies of articles or chapters are delivered electronically, whether owned by us or another library. Any books owned by our library are charged out to you and mailed to your home with a postage-paid return label. Any books borrowed from another library are also mailed to your home with a return label. The mailed items need to be returned to our library packaged securely and by the due date.

Keep your ILLiad contact information up-to-date!  We don’t want to mail books to the wrong address.

See services for Lane Library (Armstrong Campus)

Last updated: 7/9/2020