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Our Annual Statistics

SIZE OF THE LIBRARY: The total square footage of the library is 235,000.

(Note: All data are for the FY16 fiscal year and are current as of June 30, 2016.)

667,972   Volumes of cataloged books and bound periodicals
174,066   Electronic books
774,172   Government documents
432   Print serial subscriptions
85,891   Electronic journals and related resources
*197   Electronic databases
  * Count has been corrected to conform with NISO standards, which calls for reporting only licensed databases. Many titles listed in previous years are free open access databases and thus should not be counted.
900,843   Units of microform
92,501   Titles of film, audio and video materials
44,649   General and Reserve circulation transactions, including electronic checkouts
6,821   Interlibrary loans provided to other libraries
1,807   GIL Express loans to other libraries
1,682   GIL Express books borrowed from other libraries
6,045   Interlibrary loans received from other libraries
191,597   Visits to Library web pages
1,988   Visitors to the Library mobile webpage
TBD   Electronic database searches
504,068   Institutional repository downloads (Digital Commons and Selected Works)
688,962   Visitors to Library
143   Public service hours during typical academic semester week
19   Library faculty (EFT)
35   Library Staff members (EFT)


Last updated: 7/20/2018