Alma Implementation Project

Zach S. Henderson Library (Statesboro Campus)

We are live with Alma!

The University System of Georgia entered into agreement with The Ex Libris Group in June 2015 to migrate to a new Integrated Library System (ILS) named Alma. The current ILS, Voyager, is nearing the end of its lifecycle.  Alma will allow institutions to better manage print, OER, and digital collections and improve our efficiencies through shared services and cloud opportunities.
Georgia Southern was one of three vanguard schools doing the initial training and testing for the other USG schools.

Resources for Henderson Library Staff

Link to Project Timeline at USG site

Core Implementation Team – Vanguard Phase
Lowder, David Head of Systems Department – Primary Institution Lead (912) 478-5035
Skinner, Debra Interim Head of Collection and Resource Services (C&RS)
– Secondary Institution Lead
(912) 478-5114
Bever, Deb AV/Reserves Manager (912) 478-5647
Eighmie-Huggins, Peggy Borrower Records Manager (912) 478-5647
Garner, Jessica Interlibrary Loan Librarian (912) 478-5647
Gerrald, Jennifer Metadata Quality Manager (912) 478-5114
Gujilde, Paolo Coordinator of Collection Development (912) 478-5114
Gwinett, Lori Government Documents Librarian (912) 478-5032
Minihan, Jessica Coordinator of Continuing Resources (912) 478-5114
Mortimore, Jeff Discovery Services & Data Curation Librarian (912) 478-5117
Smith, Fred Head of Access Services (912) 478-5647
Vaughan, Greg C&RS Library Technical Assistant (912) 478-5114
Representatives on University System of Georgia Functional Teams
Acquisitions/Serials/ERM Implementation Team Gujilde, Paolo (912) 478-5114
Assessment (Reports, BI, Analytics) Implementation Team Mortimore, Jeff (912) 478-5117
Cataloging and Metadata Implementation Team, Chair Skinner, Debra (912) 478-5114
Fulfillment (Circ, ILL, UB +) Implementation Team Smith, Fred (912) 478-5647
GIL OPAC/Discovery Committee Mortimore, Jeff (912) 478-5117

Project Background

Guiding Principles for the Project – Regents Academic Committee on Libraries

• Collaboration
• Manage electronic, digital, and print materials in same interface and workflow
• Rethink workflows to gain efficiencies
• Look beyond the individual library for efficiencies
• Facilitate/enhance resource sharing across GIL
• Facilitate Integration with other campus and USG
• Change needs to be transformative
• Focus on Best Practices, Library Standards, and Ongoing Staff Development

Scope of Project (High Level)

• Implement Alma → Decommission Voyager
• Implement Primo (OPAC) → Decommission GIL Find/Classic
• Maintain use of EDS as Discovery Interface
• Implement Alma Link Resolver → Decommission SFX
• Establish External Authentication
• Establish Shared Catalog Operational Guidelines

High Level Timeline

June 2015: Contracted with Ex Libris
July 2015: September 2016: Formed project implementation teams
October 2015: Project Director onboarded, Ex Libris onsite for planning
December 2015: Georgia Tech went into production with Alma (unique to USG process)
November 2015 – June 2016: Vanguard Testing Phase (3 testing institutions)
May 2016: Official Project Kickoff for all Institutions
June – December 2016: Institutional Testing Phase
January – April 2017: Institutional Training
May 2017: Production Cut-Over for all Institutions

Last updated: 1/4/2018

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