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Exhibit: The Moon & Mars: Exploration Fascination

Moon & Mars: July 15th through October 8th

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of man landing on and walking on the moon, two Government Documents student assistants had the opportunity to conduct research on the missions of NASA’s Moon and Mars exploration. The exhibit they created will be on display from July 15 – September 30 on the second floor in Henderson Library. This exhibit features a brief overview of Apollo 11,12, and 13 missions, as well as “the red planet” (Mars) mission, and the technological devices used to monitor the events of NASA’s Mars exploration. The exhibit includes important discoveries from these various missions.

Graduate student assistant Tyler Salters created an exhibit to share information about the goals for landing on the moon, and the near catastrophe of Apollo 13. With several Mars missions planned this year, Sarah Ball, former student assistant in the Government Documents Department, researched and exhibited the purpose of our Mars exploration, along with interesting information, including the debunking of a popular myth that Mars could appear as large as the moon in the night sky periodically.

If Mars appears as big as the moon, we’re all in big trouble! For more information about the Apollo 11, Apollo 12, and Apollo 13 moon mission landings, and Mars exploration, stop by the second floor exhibit in Henderson Library! You may also contact the Government Information Librarian directly at for additional NASA and other government information.


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