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New Exhibit: WWII Propaganda

Dates: July 11 through September 30
Location: Zach S.
Henderson Library – first floor

To honor the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, Cassandra Hankin, a summer intern in the Government Documents Department, has constructed an exhibit on propaganda used during World War II. The exhibit’s main feature is a series of pamphlets from the GI Roundtable. The series was produced throughout World War II as well as into the post-war years.

Sponsored by the United States War Department and created by the American Historical Association, the GI Roundtable series was produced to help the United States and its allies win the war, but perhaps more importantly, used to prepare the nation for its transition into a post-war world. The series focused on what the post-war world would look like as well as reassured our servicemen that they would have a place in post-war America. GI Roundtable presents topics in four different categories: our allies, foreign affairs, national affairs, and personal and community affairs. More specific topical suggestions were also provided by staff in the United States Education Branch. This series is also being digitized to provide access to all campuses of GS, as well as worldwide access.

The second focal point of this World War II exhibit is a collection of various propaganda posters that could be found around the nation throughout the war years. Most propaganda posters of the time had more patriotic messages for American citizens, but some tapped into the nation’s fear to rally support for Allied forces and cautioned against leaking information to foreign spies. The slogan “loose lips might sink ships” became a popular slogan of the time. To help preserve resources for the war effort, many propaganda posters also promoted carpooling to save gas, warned against wasting food, and urged people to collect scrap metal to be converted into military materials. Cassandra’s exhibit features examples of all these themes in her selected propaganda posters.

For more information about how World War II propaganda was used through posters and the GI Roundtable series, stop by the first floor exhibit in Henderson Library to learn more! You may also contact the Government Information Librarian, Lori Gwinett, directly at


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