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WestlawNext Campus Research Cancelled Effective June 30, 2017

Zach S. Henderson Library supports Georgia Southern University by providing access to information, collections, and services designed to meet the scholarly needs of the University and the general public. As part of this effort, the library continually reviews our database subscriptions to ensure that we provide the best possible mix of resources and research tools.

Due to cost and low use, WestlawNext Campus Research has been identified for cancellation effective June 30, 2017. All links to this database will be removed from the library’s websites on this date. Please consider using the LexisNexis Academic database for many resources available through WestlawNext.

To avoid loss of data that may be stored in Westlaw Folders, Westlaw users may export their folders prior to June 30, 2017. Any documentation stored in folders after June 30 will be lost. Please see this document or follow the instructions below to export your documentation from your Westlaw folders to an external source.


Exporting Personal Folders from WestlawNext

To export your WestlawNext folders, see this document or follow these steps:

  1. From your WestlawNext account, choose Export from the Options Menu.
  2. Select the folders you want to Export, then click Next.
  3. Review the options in the Export tabs, then click Export. Export Options include:
    • The Basics: Documents or a list of folder contents, format.
    • Layout and Limits: Dual-column , cover sheet, etc.
    • Content to Append: KeyCite lists, Notes of Decisions, References, etc.

Options vary based on the documents being exported.

  1. Continue working while folders are preparing for export.
  2. Expand the delivery queue and click Download. Save and extract the zip file containing your folders and documents to a location on your computer.


If you require assistance locating or obtaining any cancelled resources, please contact the Information Services Desk at (912)478-5645.



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