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Results of 2017 Library Survey

In November of  2016, the Zach S. Henderson Library requested that academic departments provide feedback by March 10, 2017, regarding whether subscriptions to the lowest use electronic journals and databases should be switched from immediate online access to our inter-library loan model, which provides offline access to manuscripts in an average of 4-5 days. We wish to thank all the departments that provided feedback.

When we issued our request for feedback, we noted the following reasons for why a low-use subscription review needed to be done:

  • Subscriptions to online journals and databases represent the vast majority of the Library’s discretionary budget.
  • Scholarly journal subscription prices have increased annually by more than 6%, a trend that dates back to the 1970s.
  • The Library and University budgets have NOT increased by 6% each year.
  • The Library’s current materials budget was over-extended by more than $900,000.
  • Year-end funding has helped cover the deficit in prior years, but it is not guaranteed and waiting until final year-end allocations are made means it is too late to get faculty input.

The costs of the subscriptions that no departments asked to keep total $229,731. These subscriptions will be canceled and switched from online access to the interlibrary loan access model, thus reducing the budget shortfall and, we hope, creating an opportunity to add some new subscriptions that have been requested by faculty, depending on the Library’s budget allocation for FY18.

For further information, email Dean Bede Mitchell at, or contact your Faculty Senate Library Committee representative, or contact the Library faculty member who is the liaison to your department.


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