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Library Open House – Free Pizza and T-Shirts

Library Open House

Thursday, September 1, 2016 11am – 2pm


Henderson Library (aka Club Hendy) is hosting an Open House on September 1, 2016 from 11 am – 2 pm. Several librarians and staff members will share with you a few ways we can help you get your semester off to the right start.  Our Checkout Services librarians and staff will direct you to information about electronics and materials available for checkout, as well as services provided at this desk. Our librarians will share other services available from the library, and can assist you with identifying, locating, evaluating, and citing sources for any research need.

Begin just inside the 2nd floor entrance (parking lot side of building), speak with our Checkout Services staff there, and pick up your assessment questionnaire. Staff there will point the way to the Research Services station, just around the corner. After visiting the Research Services Station, fill out the assessment questionnaire at our Ticket Counter and trade it for a Club Hendy ticket. Take the ticket to the Atrium, on the 1st floor, to get your Club Hendy t-shirt and free pizza.

We’ll also have a Facebook selfie contest, so watch Facebook for details! If you aren’t following us yet, please do!

Attendance verification will be provided. Hope to see you at Club Hendy!

Don’t forget to drop by on Thursday, September 1 from 11-2pm!


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