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Digital Commons Open House – Wednesday, Jan. 27th

Zach S. Henderson Library would like to invite you to learn about Digital Commons@Georgia Southern. Digital Commons hosts SelectedWorks author profiles, conference and journal sites with a built-in peer-review process, datasets, student research, and much more!

On January 27, drop by anytime between 10 am to 2 pm in the Library Conference room. Library faculty and staff will be available to answer your questions and discuss Digital Commons with you. Refreshments will be provided.


Here’s what the Georgia Southern community is saying about SelectedWorks Profiles:

“The College of Science and Mathematics chose to use SelectedWorks in order to share the outstanding work of our faculty with the campus and the external community. One of our college initiatives focuses on building interdisciplinary research groups.  However, we often find that faculty within our own college aren’t aware of the research being done by their colleagues, and know even less so about what is taking place in other colleges on campus.  With the help of Selected Works, these barriers can be over-come.  Henderson Library staff members do an outstanding job in linking C.V. entries to the actual journal articles. Doing so enables faculty to search and review research articles electronically and thereby find the best fit for interdisciplinary research teams, and makes scholarly products available to anyone. We’re hopeful that SelectedWorks will help build strong research collaborations on and off campus so that the academic   reputation of our faculty, College and University are enhanced worldwide.”

-Martha Abell, Dean of the College
of Science and Mathematics

Questions? Contact the Digital Commons office at (912) 478-4056.



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