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New Opt-in Library Approval Plan for Monographs

The Zach S. Henderson Library is modifying its approval plan, making it an opt-in system rather than opt-out. This new arrangement will reduce the unnecessary and time consuming processing of unwanted books, and ensure that titles actually in demand by faculty and students are purchased.

Under the current system, print books are automatically shipped and electronic books are purchased if, in the opinion of approval plan vendor employees, the books meet selection criteria established by the vendor and Henderson librarians. However, despite numerous attempts to refine the selection profile over the last two decades, Henderson Library continues to receive thousands of books not desired by Georgia Southern faculty and students. If we choose not to purchase such books, we ship them back to the vendor, a staff-intensive, time consuming process.

In place of this opt-out approval plan, in which we have to identify which titles to refuse and send back, we are adopting an opt-in system in which records of newly published academic print and e-books will be a) entered into our catalog, b) listed in the online book purchasing platform GOBI, which we have been using to place orders for desired books if they were not going to be included in our automatic approval plan shipments, c) listed on an additional book purchasing service, Oasis, and d) listed on notification slips shipped monthly for review by librarians and interested faculty. Book titles identified and desired by faculty and students through one of the above methods will be purchased as a result of requests placed online by the interested patron. And as has always been the case, anyone who learns about a new book that would be a good addition to Henderson Library may notify us so we can order the title. While Henderson Library faculty regularly search key book reviews published in Choice and other sources of scholarly book review, suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Our online book request form may be found at

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