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How Are We Really Doing?

In order to answer “how are we really doing?”, we first must identify the areas in which we need you to provide us with feedback. Last year, we conducted a series of assessments which provided us lots of useful data to analyze to help us determine how library users felt about services and resources offered. Assessments such as the 2013 LibQual+ Survey, the Distance Learning Survey, the Foy Music Listening Survey, and Library Instruction Assessment for both students and faculty were just some of the ways in which we collected data to help us improve library services and resources.

The library’s goals and objectives are categorized according to the three dimensions from the LibQual+ survey: Affect of Service, Information Control, and Library as Place. The data obtained from this survey helps us look at the entire library from different perspectives according to undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty. The Distance Learning Survey results indicates the level of satisfaction among our distance and online learners regarding library resources and services provided to them. Our Music students and faculty complete a survey that provides information on how well the Foy Music Listening Center is meeting their needs. Lastly, the students that receive library instruction on how to conduct research answer questions indicating whether they have mastered six identified learning outcomes.

This year is no different. We continue to evaluate services and resources using the Distance Learning Survey, the Foy Music Listening Survey, and Library Instruction Assessment for both students and faculty. Additionally, we will be conducting a web usability study to help determine how easy it is to navigate the newly revised library web site. Furthermore, you may want to smile as you might be caught on video camera. Why you ask? Well, we are also conducting a space utilization study to determine 1) how existing furniture is being used, 2) what furniture is used most often, and 3) busy times to help with staff and budget requirements. Additionally, library personnel are partnering with key university stakeholders to develop a research project that will define the impact of library usage among students on their academic success and retention.

As one can see, we are busy trying to determine how well we are actually providing library resources and services. If there are any questions about the library’s assessment projects please feel free to contact the Library Assessment Officer (


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