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IMPORTANT MESSAGE – Searching ERIC database during Government Shutdown

ERIC Documents Unavailable Due to Government Shutdown

The Problem: I have searched ERIC@EBSCOHost via GALILEO or the Discover Service but I  click the link to access a full text article only to receive an error message.

Question1: In the citation, did  the link to the full text article display as and it has an ED######? If so, you are not able to access your desired item at this time. Do not worry because there may be a solution.

Question2: In the citation, did  the link to the full text article display as and it says the item is an ERIC Journal? If so, you may be able to search the E-Journals listing or the library catalog on the library’s web page to determine if the item is available full text in another database other than ERIC.

The Reason: ED###### are made available from the server which is hosted by the federal government then passed to other databases like ERIC@EBSCOHost. Due to a lapse of appropriations and the partial shutdown of the Federal Government, the systems that host were shut down. Access to ED###### has been temporarily discontinued. The services will be restored as soon as a continuing resolution to provide funding has been enacted. In the meantime …

The Solution: You will need to submit an Interlibrary Loan request via ILLIAD. When filling out the request form be sure to include wording in the comment section that explains the ED###### is not available at this time due to the federal government shut down. The ILL staff will determine if the item is available from another institution then let you know if they can obtain a copy for you.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may pose to your research process. Please do not wait until the last minute to locate the necessary items if time is of the essence. If you have any questions about or need alternative research strategies then please contact me – your library liaison for the College of Education – or  (912) 478-7820 .


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