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Hot Doc: ERIC – Education Resources Information Center – Coming Back Better!

ERIC – Education Resources Information Center – Coming Back Better!

For the last few years, much of the research scholars have relied on in previous years was basically unavailable through ERIC, at least without time-consuming requests for specific documents. From August through October 2013, users will notice ongoing changes and improvements to the ERIC website, including a new ERIC logo. Initially, the new website will simply have the ERIC search function, which will continue to work in the way that the ERIC search function has worked in the past. Additional features and content will be added on an ongoing basis through October.

Other short term changes

Delay in indexing: As ERIC transitions into a new contract cycle (see below), there will be a delay in indexing material. New material will not be released from August through October. In October, the ERIC team will index any key material not indexed during the transition period.

Delay in releasing full text PDFs:  Currently, the full text of all peer-reviewed articles and of all articles published after 2005 is released, as are the articles released through the scanning process. We are continuing to scan user-requested PDFs during this transition, but the mechanism to release the cleared PDFs will not go live until this fall. Starting in October, a large batch of PDFs will be released at once, and then additional PDFs will be released on a weekly basis, in order of user request.

Delay in requesting a PDF and submitting documents: While we transition to a new website, users will not be able to request that PDFs be restored or submit documents for inclusion in ERIC. We will work to restore these features as soon as possible, by September at the latest. However, during this period, the PDF restoration process will continue behind the scenes.

Transition to a New ERIC Contract Cycle: Starting this month, ERIC will begin a new contract cycle with some exciting long term changes that users will see over the next few years.

Long term changes

New Topic Oriented Section of the Website: In early 2015, ERIC will release a brand new section of the ERIC website that allows users to browse ERIC’s content by topic area. There will be 15 topics with between 5-10 subtopics for each topic. Each topic and subtopic will have its own webpage with a factual topic summary that is similar to the former ERIC digests in structure, but with greater detail and written on broader topics. These will be written by leading subject matter experts in the field. There will also be links to relevant ERIC documents, thesaurus terms, and information for each topic and subtopic.

New Selection Policy: In the next few months, the ERIC team will work with an advisory group of librarians and subject matter experts to recommend changes to the selection policy. The goal will be to ensure that ERIC continues to index relevant education literature. After the new selection policy is approved, it will be posted on the website. Shortly thereafter, this committee will revise the list of sources that ERIC indexes to make sure that the sources included are aligned with the selection policy and are the best use of taxpayer dollars.

For questions, contact Lori Gwinett or Sonya Shepherd

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