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How Effective Are We? Measuring the Library’s Service Quality: 2013 LibQual+ Results

We in the Zach S. Henderson Library wish to thank all faculty and students who responded to the LibQUAL+ survey we conducted in Spring 2013. LibQUAL+® is a rigorously tested Web-based survey that helps libraries assess and improve library services. Use of LibQUAL+® enables libraries to:

  • Foster a culture of excellence in providing library service
  • Better understand user perceptions of library service quality
  • Collect and interpret library user feedback systematically over time
  • Benchmark against comparable assessment information from peer institutions
  • Identify best practices in library service

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) partnered with Texas A&M University Libraries to develop, test, and refine LibQUAL+®. The survey consists of 22 core survey items that measure user perceptions of service quality in three dimensions: Affect of Service, Information Control, and Library as Place. For each item, users indicate their minimum service level and perceived service performance. In the survey analysis, mean scores and standard deviations are provided for users’ minimum, desired, and perceived levels of service quality for each item on the LibQUAL+® survey. The service adequacy gap score is calculated by subtracting the minimum score from the perceived score on any given question, for each user. In general, service adequacy is an indicator of the extent to which users’ minimum expectations are being met. A negative service adequacy gap score indicates that users’ perceived level of service quality is below their minimum level of service quality.

The Zach S. Henderson Library has conducted the LibQUAL+® survey in 2003, 2006, 2010, and 2013. Results from previous iterations may be found here. The 2013 LibQual results are also available. For additional information on LibQual+® or the library’s results please feel free to contact the Dean and University Librarian, Dr. Bede Mitchell ( or the Library Assessment Officer, Dr. Sonya Shepherd (


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