Top 10 most-viewed items in EagleScholar

For your Groundhog Day reading pleasure, here are the top 10 most-viewed items in our EagleScholar institutional repository (free online archive, indexed in Google).

Submissions to EagleScholar may be made directly by registered authors or can be facilitated by the Zach Henderson Library at the author’s or community’s request. Open access journals, student projects, theses, dissertations, pre and post-print articles, instructional resources and university archival material are all candidates for deposit.  If you are interested in starting a collection or contributing to an existing collection, please contact Jonathan H. Harwell, Coordinator of Content Management, at or your Subject Specialist Librarian (

EagleScholar Item Number of views
Multiple Partnerships for Student Information Literacy: Library, Writing Center, Faculty, and Administrators (Alderman, Barbara et al) 218
Using Freely Available Software in Information Literacy Instruction (Madden, Leslie) 212
Teaching with passion [electronic resource] : a narrative inquiry into elementary teachers’ identity development, personal and professional knowledge, and love of teaching / by Evelyn Lightfoot Aimar. (Aimar, Evelyn Lightfoot.)  198
Teachers, Partners, Co-Mentors: Collaborating to Improve Research and Writing Instruction (Hodges, Alex R. et al) 186
Librarians on Demand: Offering Instruction and Reference Services Anytime They want it and Anywhere They want it (Davis, Angiah et al) 178
First African-American female school superintendent in Georgia [electronic resource] : reflections from the field to the forefront / by Lisa Nicole Herring. (Herring, Lisa Nicole.) 150
Conference Program 2010 (Georgia Conference on Information Literacy) 146
Publication Requirements and Tenure Approval Rates: An Issue for Academic Librarians (Mitchell, W. Bede et al) 139
Holy Tabernacle Book Store, Savannah GA (from the Waddie Welcome Archive) 138
10 Bucks = 10 Great Ideas: Dollar Daze and Thrifty Finds to Engage Students in Literacy and Learning (Andreacchi, Julia) 137

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