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With the Occupy Wall Street movement going on and all the rhetoric about the 1% verses the 99%, and presidential candidates talking about flat taxes, etc. you may be interested in researching these topics. Here are some places to look for government information on them!

CBO has just issued a 63 page study, titled Trends in the Distribution of Household Income Between 1979 and 2007. Or go straight to the pdf document by going here.

This study seems to be specifically discussing income as opposed to overall wealth, but it is relevant to the distribution of wealth topics being discussed in the news.

The Congressional Research Service also has a 2006 report called The Concentration of Household Wealth.

Open CRS is a free place to find Congressional Research Service reports: .

Also, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve has a number of research documents on the “distribution of wealth”, “flat tax”, and similar topics.  You can go to their advanced search page here and search terms like “Distribution of Wealth” to find such studies.

And although a search specifically of “distribution of wealth” didn’t generate much, the Government Accountability Office also has a number of reports on related topics such as flat tax, income taxes, etc. OR do a search in the upper right search box.
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