Letter to the Editor of the George-Anne

September 16, 2010

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to “Our View: Should they stay off campus?” published on September 16, 2010, and the comment about “children running amuck in the library where students are trying to study and do their work.”

It is important to keep in mind that many Georgia Southern students “study and do their work” while raising families and holding down full-time jobs. Some of them are not able to come to the library without bringing their children – particularly on weekends. Library policies clearly state that children visiting the library should be accompanied at all times by a parent or supervising adult and that unaccompanied children will be asked to leave if their behavior becomes disruptive. All parents – students and non-students – are expected to keep their children from being disruptive. In an effort to make supervision of children more effective, the library recently established a family area on second floor on weekends to encourage parents and children to work in the same area.

Study and research often require group study and collaboration. Effective collaboration is not possible without discussion that can become noisy as discussion intensifies. In response to increasing demand for group study areas, the library modified its quiet floor policies at the beginning of this term. In addition to first and second floors, the eastern half of third floor is now a group study area instead of a quiet area. The western half of third floor and fourth floor remain quiet floors at all times. Furniture has been relocated in all quiet areas to encourage individual study and discourage group study. Employees walk quiet floors periodically during evenings and weekends to insure quiet is maintained.

Students and other library users are key to helping insure library policies regarding children and quiet areas are enforced. If a child is being disruptive, his or her behavior should be reported immediately at the nearest public service desk. Employees are trained to deal with disruptive behavior of any kind and when necessary they are ably assisted by Public Safety. By the same token, persons being noisy on quiet floors should be reported.

We welcome suggestions for improvement of library services. They may be made anonymously via the online suggestion system at http://library.georgiasouthern.edu/forms/suggestions.html and via paper forms available at service desks or in person in the Office of the Dean on third floor.


Ann Hamilton
Associate Dean of the Library

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