Newsbank’s Access World News and EBSCOhost Integrated Search

Newsbank has extended our free pilot access (which began in June 2009) to the Access World News database.  They’ve asked us to test it with EBSCO’s new Integrated Search product.  Integrated Search is an interface that lets you search other companies’ databases simultaneously with EBSCOhost databases.

There’s an agreement between the two companies that in this instance, the database can be added to Integrated Search free of charge.  Normally we’d have to pay for each database to be added to Integrated Search.

Take a look at Newsbank:  Access World News, which is listed in GALILEO under “N” for “Newsbank.”  Use the “choose databases” feature to search EBSCOhost databases alongside it.  What do you think of Newsbank?  What do you think of the ability to search different companies’ databases at once?  If you could search all of our databases from one screen, is the EBSCOhost interface the one you would choose?  Or is there another search interface you would prefer?  Talk to us!  Comment below or e-mail


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