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Since its debut in Summer 2000, Statesboro Magazine has become a prominent publication here, featuring well-illustrated articles about Bulloch County past and present, the histories of famous families and businesses, and announcements and analyses of local cultural and sports events  — in fact, the spectrum of  life here in Bulloch and surrounding counties.  It was a quarterly until 2003, when it adopted a bimonthly schedule which proved its popularity. mags1

Special Collections recently completed an index of the first 8 years of Statesboro Magazine, which makes it possible to quickly look up names (of individuals, companies, schools, and places) and events here, both contemporary and historical.  The work done by the magazine will remain a trove of diverse information, and the index eases ready access to it.

The index for the 2000-2004 issues is 143 pages; that for 2005-2007 is 147 pages. Anyone who’d like a copy of either or both may receive it as an e-mail attachment by contacting


Marvin Goss

Head of Special Collections

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