Try GIL-Find, our new alternative library catalog interface

Sometimes we learn a new technology, only to have it replaced by a completely different new technology.  But sometimes we get to keep both options open…

Some of you can remember when a certain soft drink changed its formula, and the public backlash was so swift and strong that they brought back the old formula as the “Classic”…

Well, here’s a refreshing treat for you on a hot day in Statesboro!  We invite you to try GIL-Find, a new alternative interface to your GIL library catalog.  (The old one will now be known as “GIL Classic“!)

GIL-Find is based upon the open-source (free) VuFind software developed by Villanova University, and has now been implemented in pilot libraries across Georgia.  GIL-Find, as an alternative interface, is a program that sits on top of GIL Classic in order to operate.  So GIL-Find is not a replacement for GIL Classic, just a different way to search the catalog–  both options will remain available to you.  GIL-Find has many Web 2.0 features such as facets (to narrow searches), similar items, and tagging.

Try GIL-Find, which is now linked from the GIL Classic interface.

You can read more about GIL-Find and link to the other Georgia pilot sites from the GIL website:

Please take a look and provide feedback through the button on the GIL-Find interface.

And stay tuned as we schedule some face-to-face demonstrations for you here on campus!  Meanwhile, if you’d like to schedule one for a specific group, please contact Jonathan Harwell, our library’s representative on the statewide committee, at

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