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As we begin a New Year, we’re also starting a new semester. That means new classes, new professors, new assignments, and new projects. It’s all new! We’re also preparing for the rededication/ribbon cutting of our new library on January 21 @ 2pm. Inside the new library we have new furniture, new equipment, and new services.
First, we have equipment available to the student body for checkout. There are 18 laptops and 2 projectors for in-house library use. Available for 24-hour checkout is a digital camera and video camcorder. The projectors may be used in the Learning Commons on the white screens connected to the sofas with the floral print. If the sofas are in use, the projectors may be used in a group study room. Any of the equipment is available for collaborative group study within the library.
The next new service/resource available to students is the availability of the Presentation Practice Room on the first floor (Room 1212A). Students are able to reserve this room online and use it for practicing any kind of presentation or speech. The room is setup like a standard smart classroom found anywhere on campus. Software include the MS Office Suite, Internet access, and recording software. You are able to write on the Sympodium screen like a whiteboard and save any notes from the screen to any storage device. There is also an Elmo overhead projector stored on the side of the teacher station for demonstrating overheads, books, pictures, or similar kinds of media. Upon making your reservation, the key and laser pointer/clicker can be checked out from the Circulation Desk on the 2nd floor.
Last but not least of all things new, are the group study rooms. Students can study individually throughout the library or use one of 29 group study rooms. Three of the 29 group study rooms are designated for graduate students only. There is a computer in most of the study rooms. The Graduate Study Rooms are also available upon reservation. The key can be checked out from the Circulation Desk while the study rooms are available on a first come first serve basis.
For more information on the available equipment, Presentation Practice Room, group study rooms, or other library services and resources go to the library’s website or the Learning Commons wiki. If you have any questions please email us at
Brought to you by Dr. Sonya Shepherd, our Learning Commons Director.

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