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The following announcement is brought to you by Jane Harkleroad.  Jane can be reached at (Thanks, Jane!)

“The Happy Endings Craft Group from Henderson Library is sponsoring a “Knit Your Bit” event on Tuesday. November 11th at 12:00 noon for one hour in Zach’s Brews to honor and/or commemorate our U.S. Veterans (all wars).

There will be someone to instruct you and yarn and needles available to practice while you are there.
A few items will be available for purchase, if you would like to continue at home.

We have some historical information about “Knit Your Bit” available, in case you are interested.

We will teach crochet or knit to anyone interested–students (men and women), staff, faculty, spouses, and visitors, too.  Yes, I said “men,” since they are probably the first knitters according to history.

We have some patterns from the World War II era, too!  Hopefully, participants will continue and crochet or knit a scarf for a veteran or soldier, in the long term.  You could give the scarf to your favorite veteran or we can get a name for you or, a third option, send the item to a group who distributes them.

Please, join us in “KNIT YOUR BIT !”  Honor a veteran and learn a new skill/hobby at the same time!

The Happy Endings Craft Group is open to everyone every week.  Just speak with a member about joining.  No cost involved whatsoever.

Spread the word, too, please!”

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