Hot Docs, Special Post-Election Edition: Urgent Issues

Regardless of your political ideology, you will undoubtedly be interested in the issues at hand for the upcoming Administration, and what better place to get reliable information than the General Accountability Office? The General Accountability Office (GAO) has launched a new transition website intended to help make the transition an informed and smooth one. The website gives information on what needs to be done and key reports, along with summaries, highlights, and recommendations for pressing issues currently facing the United States. This useful information can be found with convenient, one-stop-shopping at:

The 13 urgent issues they identified are as follows and are in alphabetic order not priority order:

* Caring for Service Members
* Defense Readiness
* Defense Spending
* Food Safety
* Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan
* Oversight of Financial Institutions and Markets
* Preparing for Large-Scale Health Emergencies
* Protecting the Homeland
* Public Diplomacy and International Broadcasting
* Retirement of the Space Shuttle
* Surface Transportation
* The 2010 Census
* Transition to Digital TV

The website also includes sections on:
* Agency-by-Agency Issues
* Major Cost-Saving Opportunities
* Management Challenges Across the Government
* Long-Term Fiscal Outlook
* Examples of Upcoming GAO reports on Major National Issues

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