Constitution Day Festivities

Henderson Library, Financial Aid, Student Media,

the Student Government Association and the Dean of Students

have teamed up this year for an exciting and informative celebration of Constitution Day

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2:00-4:00 p.m.

In the Russell Union Commons

Join patriotic Americans around the country as we celebrate our Constitutional rights. Read the Preamble to the Constitution at 2pm, as others around the country congregate to do the same thing. Get your own Pocket Guide to the Constitution, as a handy reminder of those rights. Get prepared for the November election with information about registering to vote and voting from Bulloch County’s Deputy Registrar, Shontay Jones. If you haven’t registered already, now is the time! We will have a voter registration drive and you can ask questions of the Deputy Registrar. Join us in a discussion of the issues surrounding the creation of the Presidency with Dr. Patrick Novotny. See the winners of the “What Does the Constitution Mean to You?” contest and turn in your correct and complete George Anne crossword puzzle for a chance to win a $30 gas card.

To view the pdf announcement of events taking place in The Russell Union Commons, click here.

Your recognized student organization can compete in a contest for great prizes, including $600 and a full page ad in the George Anne Daily for first place by submitting an expression of what the Constitution means to you. Submissions are due September 15th, so enter your organization today! Winners will be announced during the festivities on September 17th, between 2 and 4. Click here for application and full details.

One lucky individual will win a $30 gas card in a drawing of correctly answered crossword puzzles found in the George Anne Daily on Constitution Day, September 17th. Get complete details for this contest here.

Come out and enter to win free gas, support your friends who entered the student organization contest, and get answers to those questions you’ve been wanting to ask about voting, the Presidency, or one of our oldest Government Documents, the Constitution of the United States!

This event is being held in compliance with the 2005 federal mandate regarding institutions receiving state funds. Read the text in the Federal Register here.

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