Hot Docs: National War Powers Commission

The National War Powers Commission, co-chaired by Secretaries of State
Baker and Christopher, released a report yesterday. This commission report
recommends that Congress repeal the 1973 War Powers Resolution and
“substitute a new statute that would provide for more meaningful
consultation between the President and Congress. In its final report,
the Commission has recommended that Congress pass a new statute, the War
Powers Consultation Act of 2009, establishing a clear process on
decisions to go to war.”

The main website is

The final report can be found through the link above or directly at

And the appendices to the report can be found at

*This information was provided to Lori Lester, the Government Documents Librarian, by Greta E. Marlatt,
Information Services Manager & Homeland Security Digital Library Content Manager at Dudley Knox Library
Naval Postgraduate School, via GOVDOC-L.

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