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Never let it be said that we don’t respond to your concerns! 🙂 We came across the following quote in the May 29 Connect Statesboro. As you might have noticed, they publish a column of anonymous call-in complaints, “That Blows.”
“It blows that GSU has been doing construction on the library since dirt was invented. Every time I try to check out books they have to order ’em from the warehouse. What warehouse? Where’s it at, just let me go there.”
It has indeed been a long construction process, and we’re excited about the upcoming completion. During the construction, we have used off-campus storage for some of our lesser-used items. When you request an item from the Warehouse, we gladly have it delivered here for you. These items, after being checked back in, are then kept in the Library. We appreciate your patience during this time! (By the way, the Warehouse isn’t open to visitors because it’s dimly lit, not staffed, and not conducive to public access. Sorry!)
You’ve probably noticed the already-painted section of the building through the windows. Yes, this does mean we’re closer to completion! In fact, this month they will remove the temporary wall separating the two sections. Since that area will remain under construction, we have already begun placing temporary barriers (upturned furniture, etc.) to prevent people from wandering into a danger zone.
Our live webcams are still in action, and more details on the project are here.
Here are some other plans for the coming months:

August 4

Library shelving, collections and existing furniture begin moving into renovated building

August 26 – September 5

Delivery & installation of public furniture

September 8 – 19

Second round of furniture delivery & installation in renovated building (the area currently closed off; this is the original library structure)

September 22 (VERY TENTATIVE)


December 11


December 11 – 24

Delivery & installation of furniture in addition (the area currently being used)

December 24


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